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Apartments in Venice Italy
Events & Activities: Festivals - Art and Culture

The city during the entire period of the year offers its guests a huge range of events, parties, events, exhibitions, concerts and other initiatives related to art and culture. An informative guide of the main activities and is best known in the two pages dedicated (on the right-hand menu). Surely many other events would be worthy of being mentioned but to do that you need to dedicate an entire site. On this page we have given a brief mention, with some guidance topic catering. Venice is a city hospitable, history, tradition and custom: try lesser known places and routes, discovering the surprises at every turn.

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Carnival masks
Golden Lion
Art in the exhibition

Describe a list of all the places you can visit in Venice is a difficult task. Every day should be reported many festivals, events and exhibitions taking place in the Old Town or in the islands of the lagoon. Here we simply point out some of the must-see places to visit and they are probably among the most popular and famous of the city.
BASILICA DI SAN MARCO: It is the main church of the city and seat of the Patriarch of Venice.
DUCAL PALACE: It was the private residence of the Doge and seat of government of the Serenissima Republic of Venice.
CHURCH OF SANTA MARIA GLORIOSA DEI FRARI: One of the most original of the Gothic style in Venice.
SCUOLA GRANDE DI SAN ROCCO: Known throughout the world for the important series of paintings by Jacopo Tintoretto.
CHURCH OF MADONNA DELL’ORTO: Places of interest to know the painting by Tintoretto, who is buried here.
BASILICA s.m. ASSUMPTION OF TORCELLO: Part of the oldest and largest religious complex present in the lagoon of Venice.
CHURCH OF SALUTE: Perhaps the ultimate expression of Venetian Baroque architecture. Its construction is a votive offering to the Virgin Mary by the Venetians for deliverance from the plague (1630).
ACADEMY GALLERIES: Museum that collects the best collection of Venetian art and Venetian 1300-1700.
TOURS OF THE ISLANDS: Recommended especially to visit the
BASILICA OF SANTA MARIA ASSUNTA TORCELLO that is part of the oldest and largest religious complex present in the lagoon of Venice.


Apartments in Venice Italy
Events & Activities: Food and Wine

Even in Venice, a little 'as in all of Italy, the wine and food aspect assumes particular contours with traditional dishes typical of the area. Given the location, it is naturally predominant cuisine based on fish, but there are centuries-old traditions with dishes of pasta, meat and vegetables. If you like to eat well and you are a connoisseur you're on the right place. Only the pizza could not find some time for your maximum pleasure: in Venice unfortunately there may be wood-fired ovens to bake the pizza as usual (just a bakery in the whole city, the others are gas or electric). Be careful: find eating well on a budget is difficult, it is much easier having to spend enough to taste delicious menus.

Main dish

A cost-effective solution is represented by the "Bacaro" rustic tavern, where you can eat "cichéti" that are made with simple mangiari paying attention to the presentation to make it look more inviting to eat it. There are no precise recipes, the composition is left to the whim of the "osto", because those are hardly mangiari that are served in homes. They are usually consumed before dinner with a glass of red or white wine or to accompany the "spritz", the typical Venetian aperitif. In these ancient traditional taverns you can spend time eating and drinking as a valid alternative to the restaurant.

Spritz in Venice is undoubtedly the aperitif par excellence. It is composed of 1/3 of white wine, 1/3 of sparkling mineral water or soda water, and 1/3 of liquor moderately alcoholic, sweet (Aperol) or bitter (Campari). It is then decorated with a lemon peel or an olive green. The most popular meeting places for lovers of quest'aperitivo, becoming weekly events, are definitely the Campo Santa Margherita and the area dell'Erbaria Rialto.

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